NerdLacquer Warrior Ethos

**CAUTION: NERD(LACQUER) ALERT** I am going to be geeking out for the Trek-esque polishes because they bring back such good memories. A great color of polish is wonderful, but it's even better when it evokes a feeling or memory. That's what I think at any rate. :)

My first choice of NerdLacquer to swatch was Warrior Ethos because I must admit that I prefer the Klingons over the Vulcans (Purely Logical) and the Romulans (Cold & Calculating.) Three coats by itself was perfect opacity. If I hold my finger up to the light, I can see my nail tip, but otherwise it looks opaque. I love the different colors and sizes of glitter in Warrior Ethos- everything just works for me. I think this is a great unconventional holiday red and I've been surprised by how well it's worn for me.

Here's one coat, two coats, three coats and then four to show a bit of glitter distribution and how dark Warrior Ethos can get (though the picture seems to be skewing a bit pink!):


And four coats on all fingers:


I also tried Warrior Ethos over one coat each of OPI Color to Diner For (a boring red shimmer that was made way better by the addition of Warrior Ethos), Wet n Wild Buy Me a Drink (a blue red wine shimmer that has even more depth with Warrior Ethos over it) and Nails Inc Chelsea ("plum black" that just looks black and the glitter of Warrior Ethos really pops over it.) If you'd like to see it over other colors, just ask! On my pointer finger is three coats of Warrior Ethos, the middle is one coat of To Diner For with one coat of Warrior Ethos, the ring is one coat of Buy Me a Drink with one coat of Warrior Ethos, and the pinkie is one coat of Chelsea with one coat of Warrior Ethos.


I feel like sharing a video instead of a macro this time, so here's Worf being a man of few words. If that clip is not making me laugh, I'm at least grinning like a fool after watching it. However, I'm willing to wager that it isn't funny unless you know the characters. And you really should know them because "Star Trek: The Next Generation" was the greatest show of all time... OF ALL TIME. Agree? Disgree? You let me know. ;)

  • *****
    Comment from: tjoyu
    12/07/11 @ 11:14:52 am

    I think you gave me the push I needed to order some nerdlacquer! Thanks for all the different swatches...I am looking forward to seeing the purple one!!

  • suggrr
    Comment from: suggrr
    12/07/11 @ 12:50:12 pm

    Which colors are you thinking of getting?? I wanna live vicariously through you! ;D I'll swatch Cold & Calculating next just for you! :D

  • sonia
    Comment from: sonia
    12/07/11 @ 04:45:41 pm

    I really like this nerd worth beautiful...Is it hard to take it of? I agree that star wars was the greatest ever!!!

  • suggrr
    Comment from: suggrr
    12/12/11 @ 10:25:15 pm

    Star Trek > Star Wars! ;) I used the foil method to remove Warrior Ethos and that worked for most of the glitter. I had a few pieces left after that, but I used my nail to pry off the remaining bits. Not good for my nails, but I lightly buffed them after that and they were fine. Or so I'd like to think! ;)

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